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I messed up. Any way to fix it? (please help)


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TLDR: Had 4 drives running just fine.  Tried adding more, can't get 4 to show up again.



Long version:
I'm running XPE in a VM on proxmox (7.2-4) using TRP 7.1.1-42962 with a DS3622xs+ config.  I have my TRP 20G drive, and 4 14TBs through proxmox SATA.  I followed a video to install, but I can not remember if I manually edited the user_config.json or ran satamap now, when I had it running with 4 drives.


I had 4 drives in 1 pool running great. I can not remember if I had other drives connected to the VM at the time the 4 were running, but if there were drives connected, I did not have them in any pool, and I am wondering could this cause issues with "satamap now"?.  I've tried adding some drives back, tried rebuilding a bunch of times.  1 time I manually changed the user_config to what I thought I had before and it did see 2 of the 4 drives in Synology, but it wanted to rebuild something because only 2 were found, so I shut it down.


commands I'm running from TC image build



./rploader.sh satamap now

./rploader.sh backup now

./rploader.sh build

./rpoloader.sh build ds2622xsp-7.1.1.-42962



When I boot in to Synology, no drives are found.


I attached a pic of what satamap shows.





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