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Added 2 drives to proxmox/xpenology and new drives not showing up


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Hi.  I'm new to NAS/XPEnology.

I'm running XPE in a VM on proxmox (7.2-4) using TRP 7.1.1-42962 with a DS3622xs+ config.  I'm moving data over from an old snapraid setup, so most drives are not empty.  I have 12 drives (14TB WD Red). My boot drive is 20GB. 


I have 2 14TB drives working in a JBOD pool, where the boot drive and the 2 storage drives are all listed as SATA.  Eventually I'll convert it to a RAID5 once I get enough drives over that I have a spare.  I rsync'd 2 drives over.  That went well.  Everything seems fine.  I can see the data on the NAS. 


I told proxmox to send the 2 drives previously rsync'd from the Snapraid VM, to the XPE VM.  I stopped the XPE VM and restarted it.  The new drives are not showing up in the GUI or when I ssh in and look in /dev or fdisk -l.  I ran "./rploader satamap now".  It saw the 2 drives and updated the config.  What could be wrong?

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 10.53.08 PM.png

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