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Update from 7.1.1 to 7.2.0 with TCRP 9.4.9 failed




I managed a lot of upgrades from 6.2 ... to 7.1.1 but now I'm stuck in an upgrade loop. Hopefully someone can help:

I was on 7.1.1.x  with TCRP 8.? I guess. I wanted to upgrade to 7.2 and therefore I prepared a news USB stick with TCRP 9.4.9c. because my old one doesn't booted anymore into TCRP. DSM booting was fine, I'm not sure about the problem why I could boot into DSM but not into TCRP . For the new USB stick I set the DSM Version to the same version as used on the server (7.1.1.x) and after I did configuration of everything system booted up in DSM fine without any issues. Then I did an upgrade in DSM via WebUi to 7.2 and after reboot and "waiting for migration message", I rebooted again into TCRP and did the upgrade procedure there, mainly the build for 7.2. After the next reboot system was in "Welcome back, Recover Mode". I pressed button but system always turns back into this recovery mode.

I booted back into TCRP and entered "postupgrade command" but this didn' t changed anything. System still reboots into "Welcome back, Recovery Mode" .

Does anyone knows how to fix this so that system does the upgrade?  I guess to go back to 7.1.1 isn't possible easily.


Because I've a full backup of system, so 2. option/question would be: What is the easiest way to clean up everything and to reinstall stuff when you can't access the system? A new USB stick will always determine an existing DSM installation I guess, so what is the best way to scubb everything for a new installation of 7.2. without running DSM?


Thanks a lot in advance



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