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Unreadable text during boot of arpl or arc


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Here are pics of what im gettting. I am trying to lead directly from SSD drive. My board its not allowing me to use a usb drive to load. I burned the image to the drive using balena etcher.

I am using the gpu embedded in cpu.

I tried latest arc loader and arpl latest. 

I am doing baremaletal install. Don't know if I need to change something in my bios. 

Initial text of loader can be read and displays as normal, one I select to configure loader and it starts that's when text becomes unreadable. 

Using same SSD in my main PC (AMD Ryzen with a Radeon RX590 gpu) everything works fine. 


My system that im trying to use is:

Ryzen 7 5700G (Using integrated GPU)

ASRock B550M Steel Legend

32Gb DDR

3x 14TB HDD Seagate


This setting was running TrueNAS Scale without any issues. 

This is giving me a hard time, after countless hours doing backup it seems I won't be able to use xpenology after all. 

.Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.20230704_131117.thumb.jpg.c665c3d0965548cf3cde1f55adf6c73f.jpg20230704_105306.thumb.jpg.c3567c8598a8ea73f2f66183e98752ae.jpg

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OK here's an update. I manage to install the loader. I updated the firmware bios and it worked. Now my problem is that I'm stuck at trying to login using the IP asignated by the loader. I've if I use the find.synology.com it can't find anything in my network. Apparently the loader is finding my network card on my server and assigning an IP. But I can't get passthrough this point. 

I chose DS3622xs+

I am using arpl v1.1-beta2a

Same thing happened with latest Arc arpl. 

So far no one has commented or try to help me here so I will keep trying 

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Update: I manage to create the NAS using this version of Tinycore: https://github.com/PeterSuh-Q3/tinycore-redpill

it was provided to me by user gericb and it worked without any issues. Just burned in my ssd and booted and it did everything, I am even using my own mac.

I am running DS3622xs+ DSM 7.2 in an 120gb SSD with 3x 14TB drives on a raid 5 config, I wanted F1 but it seems I need one extra drive for that.

Mods can close this topic as this is solved.

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