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A couple of questions for a new DIY NAS build


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Hi guys!


After a long and succefull use of my good old HP Gen8 I've decided to build a new machine with more HDD bays and more processing power. I want to host on it not only a file server but also to use it for PhotoStation, Survellance Station and Plex to say the least. I'm gonna go with Intel since I want QuickSync.


A couple of details though are somewhat unclear to me at the moment and I'll be glad if someone can give me a hand here.


First of all is there a proven way to install DSM7 on 10th gen Intel processors? Something like i3/i5-10xxx.

I know that everything works OTB with Intel 9th gen CPUs but 10th gen can be bought for as much or less as 9th gen and I prefer to go this route if possible. LGA1200 instead of LGA1151. It seems to me more future proof except it's cheaper. 


Second, should I go with some cheap motherboard like


LGA1151 - ASRock E3V5 WS ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
LGA1200 - ASRock H470M-HVS Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard


or should I buy something pricier?

My plan is to use some LSI based SAS controler in IT/HBA mode to provide 8 SATA ports for the HDDs.


And the last one, should I look for a motherboard with a Intel LAN or a Realtek one will be fine too?


Any input will be greatly appreciated!


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