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Upgrading Migrating data drives from XPEnology 5.x to 7.2.0

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Just documenting this for reference, in case anyone was pondering if it can be done.


So my starting device was XPEnology DS3615xs running DSM 5.x migrating to XPEnology DS3622xs+ DSM 7.2.0


I practice first on a VM machine, then did it on an actual bare bones metal machine.

If you are migrating VMs, make sure the new disk sizes are at least 21 GB, otherwise they'll fail to install DSM. I found out the hard way




Scanned with Synology Assistant, it showed up as per screencap.



Connected and I was presented with the expected page.




Then you get these 2 choices, I left it as default to keep as much settings as possible from the old setup.




Then you get this page, I used a downloaded   DSM_DS3622xs+_64570.pat   file as it's faster.




After it's done wait for the machine to reboot.




updating part 1




updating part 2


logged in, and found what I was trying to verify, it seems like it did not automatically install the packages I was using.




well this kind of makes sense, it was not enabled.




Data wise looks good, it kept all my old files as expected and drive config.




Very neat, it automatically offered to Repair and Update Old packages, however as obsolete package will need to be uninstalled manually like the Open-VM-Tools




After a short little while all Done!




Note: the only configuration that got lost was the LDAP, which I had to undo, then rejoin again to register it to the LDAP, from the security point of view it makes sense, as it's technically a new machine joining the network, even thought it was an upgrade. My certificates, and most other settings remains intact.

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It's not letting me edit the old post.


I forgot to mention, for the physical upgrade, I simply took the HDD straight out from the old machine and inserted it into the new machine.


If you doing an in-state upgrade, then simply replace the old USB key with 5.x loader, with a the new USB key with the Tiny  Core Red Pill Loader for 7.x

The first boot, you'll need to do the configuration once, and then you can pretty much forget it for a while until new version comes around.


./rploader.sh update
./rploader.sh fullupgrade
./rploader.sh serialgen DS3622xs+ realmac
./rploader.sh identifyusb
./rploader.sh satamap
./rploader.sh backup
./rploader.sh build ds3622xsp-7.2.0-64570


The PAT file version in the last command is most likely going to change over time, make sure to use the latest compatible version.


If you are working on ESXi VMs, you'll probably need to do this before it boots properly.

in a Terminal open a SSH shell to your ESXi server.


switch to the location of your VM machine for the NAS:

cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/<VM NAS machine name>


then import the red pill loader image:

/usr/sbin/vmkfstools -i tinycore-redpill.v0.9.4.9.vmdk DSM-rploader.vmdk


Note: replace the red pill loader with the version you downloaded / uploaded to the VM.

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"Backup and Restore" from DSM 5.x becomes "Hyper Backup" in DSM 6.x / 7.x

The backups from 5.x are recognized automatically and can be restored directly to 7.x machines.

99% of the settings and applications will get migrated / upgraded automatically, user accounts, network settings, folders, etc...

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