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Any Intel 630 RGB range control?

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I noticed on a bare metal box (DVA1622 + Intel integrated 630 graphics) that if I use a Displayport -> HDMI adapter then the output RGB levels are shifted (picture too bright).  Using Displayport output to Displayport monitor is fine.  This particular box doesn't have an HDMI output (HP ProDesk) and I wanted to plug it into an HDMI display so tried an adapter (which does work with other GPUs).  Seems this is a known issue with the Intel graphics when an HDMI adapter is used.


On Windows and Linux there are workarounds to tweak the RGB range (RGB Broadcast setting) between 16-235 and 0-255.  Note I don't have adequate RGB range or black level control on the display so really it needs me to adjust what the 630 is doing.  Going to see if I can get proptest from libdrm on there.


Before I go digging I wondered if anyone looked at tweaking the 630 settings on Synology?







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proptest showing the RGB settings are set to auto for the Intel 630 DP:



Instead of 0 (auto), can set this to 1 for Full RGB range, and 2 for Limited 16:235 range, overriding the Intel bug when an HDMI adapter used.

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