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Max 8 drives, showing up, have 10


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Hi all! I'm new to DSM7 and Redpill, coming from XPE 6.2.2. 


I've got it working on ESXi 6.5, HP DL380p G8. However, I see only 8 of my 10 drives. I'm using RDM and virtual SATA (was using iSCSI with 6.2.2).


I've read about the sataportmap and tried setting it to the correct values, but can't ever get passed the 8 disk limit.


Also, while Synology sees 8 drives in the Drive Manager, it says that the 12 disk bays are empty.


What logs/configs do you need? Again, I'm new here.


Thank you!

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My issue seems to be fixed, thanks to this post: 

I created 2 "sacrificial" drives of 50mb each in ESXi and assigned them to SATA0:0 and SATA0:1, and these don't show up but the 2 missing drives do!


The only issue left is that the "drive rack" in Synology still says it's empty, but it doesn't seem to affect anything.



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