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Tips for installing XPenology on Proxmox


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Here some simple steps I used to install XPenology on Proxmox KVM virtual machine:


  1. Obtain XPenology form there: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1028
  2. Create VM in proxmox:
    • use "Other type" for OS
    • allocate memory (1 Gb is good)
    • add network card of "Intel E1000" type
    • do not use any CDROM media
    • add first disk RAW format using VIRTIO interface (!important) and 1 GB size or whatever small one - this will be our boot disk
    • add second disk using SATA interface any size you want - that one is for NAS usage
    • set VM to boot from first disk
    • SSH to Proxmox node and go to VM location (/var/lib/vz/images/VMID) and REPLACE first disk image (e.g. vm-VMID-disk-1.raw) with image file from XPenology archive

[*]start VM and boot it

[*]use Web or Application Synology Assistance to setup NAS, select to use PAT file from XPenology archive

[*]wait for VM reboots after installation

[*]use your NAS normally :smile:

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