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Xpenology on DS1511+


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I stumbled across a cheap DS1511+ on FBM for $200 (with 5 x 1 TB) and was about to pull the trigger.  But then saw that this model is only getting limited updates (fixes) now and won't be getting DSM 7.

Can someone confirm if:

1.  If it is possible to install xpenology onto it, and if so what caveats / limitations I should be aware of?

2.  Does this mean there's a chance of getting DSM 7 onto it?


I don't want to buy something that will stop getting fixes in a year.  


I saw a few posts which suggested this is possible but the threads were several years old and indicated there were still issues being ironed out.  I'd dig deeper into the threads myself but have a limited window to buy the unit or not.


Thanks in advance.

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