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Array won't pick up disc on different adapter


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I've got the following disc setup running on a "DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4" system (going to be updating it once its back up and running)


Onboard Sata 1 - SSD

Onboard Sata 2 - SATA Spinning 1

Onboard Sata 3 - SATA Spinning 2

Onboard Sata 4 -

PCI Card Sata 1 - SATA Spinning 3

PCI Card Sata 2 - SATA Spinning 4


I have all the spinning discs in a single volume. My PCI adapter is no longer being picked up and so my array is "crashed" as its costs 2 of its 4 discs. To try and recover temporarily the array I connected one of the discs from the PCI card into the onboard Sata4 connector. Its now picked up by the system but it sees it as un-initialised.

Surely there is a way of it realising that its the missing disc of the array?


Doe the discs get attached with a hard link to the adapter they are connected to and must always use that adapter?

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