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Barracuda Terastation TS5600D DSM 7.1 Install


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I came across a Barracuda Terastation TS5600D that did not have disks. On this platform you have to go through a hell hole of problems to get it running again with its original software.

So I thought I would give it a try to install the redpill tiny loader. So I downloaded the latest image from:


Burned it to a usb stick with Rufus.

On the back of this NAS there is a mechanical button that will let you select the boot source. I went for USB boot option.

Inserted the USB stick and booted the NAS. I also had a monitor connected to the frontal VGA port present on the NAS.

It boots in tinycore I went through the install process with the usual commands:

From my PC connected via SSH to the ip address configured by my DHCP.

Used the following access info: tc/P@ssw0rd


./rploader.sh update now
./rploader.sh fullupgrade now
./rploader.sh serialgen DS3622xs+ realmac
./rploader.sh identifyusb now
./rploader.sh satamap now (accepted the 6 disk proposed config)
./rploader.sh build dsm-7.1.1-42962

sudo reboot

 Waited for reboot and fired up Synology assistant, soon the Synology NAS appeared and I connected to it. Selected the relative PAT file and installed.

On reboot, reconnected via web and configured the NAS (name password etc.) and the volume.


It is working Fine. Tried a file transfer on a SMB share and go 60 Mb/sec on two big files (over 5GB)

So terastation can be a cheap option for a good NAS platform.



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