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Variety of problems after power cut: USB and NIC issues.


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Hi, all --


I successfully installed DSM 6.2.3 on bare metal with Jun's 1.04b loader and the DS918+ image. The community here is AWESOME and I found everything I needed to get running. Rock solid for about 12 months. After some electrical work done in our house a couple days ago, the circuit breakers controlling the Xpenology server were flipped off, essentially causing a power outage. That has unfortunately happened before but everything always rebooted fine... but not this time =(


My system board is intel DH87RL with the H87 chipset; eth0 device is I217V. CPU is i5-4570 (haswell). 4 drives in a SHR array.


Description of Failure:
1. Upon powering on after the outage, there was no "Intro: this mod brought to you by Jun" message. I found that I couldn't access the USB memory stick at all from my laptop in Linux or Windows. I assumed that this meant the USB stick was toast (it is very old).

2. On my laptop, I reopened the synoboot.img with OSFMount and burned it to a new USB stick (and updated the VID and PID).

3. I booted and I got the "Intro: this mod brought to you by Jun" message now. Looks good! But wait... the DHCP server was not assigning an IP address. neither Synology Assistant nor the router show any IP assigned to the server MAC address. The router shows a light on for the LAN port connection, and the Intel NIC shows solid orange and constant slowly pulsing green.



4. I explored the BIOS settings: the BIOS date/time were wrong and I reset them. Not sure if it was a dead CMOS battery issue or a known conflict with DSM and BIOS clock. SATA was correctly set to AHCI.

5. I explored the BIOS some more. I noticed a possible typo in the MAC address in my original grub.cfg. I typed the last character of the server MAC address as "B" (and before the server went down, that is how it showed up on my router), but the Intel BIOS shows that the MAC address ends in "8". The paper sticker on the NIC is ambiguous, can't tell which, but it looks more like "8". Even though it was working on the old USB with "B", I updated it to "8".

6. I confirmed the USB PID and VID and updated the grub.cfg in the synoboot.img with the corrected MAC address.

7. When I connected the ethernet cable, the router log shows a message, "Jul 26 13:40:25 kernel: eth4 (Ext switch port: 3) (Logical Port: 11) (phyId: 3) Link Up at 1000 mbps full duplex"

8. But... Same result as #3


Any ideas or suggestions on what steps I should take next?

Does it sound like HDD failures? Is there a way to pull the HDDs and check their health?


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To check the HDD health and NIC, I booted the server into linux instead of DSM.


HDDs: they show up as the right size and all seem to pass SMART health tests in GSmartControl. The array shows up normally in GParted, with each drive having a variety of partitions marked as "linux raid". I followed the instructions from https://kb.synology.com/tr-tr/DSM/tutorial/How_can_I_recover_data_from_my_DiskStation_using_a_PC to mount the SHR RAID array in linux and all data in the array appears intact (BIG relief of course).


NIC: Linux confirms that the NIC driver used is "e1000e". Gets an IP address from DHCP just fine and I can connect fine to www over ethernet.


This now appears to be a "can't get an IP address" problem, except that it started when I swapped USB sticks, and based on the info I've seen in other threads, if I swap USB sticks but update the VID and PID and leave everything else alone, everything should be peachy. I can always get to the "Intro: this mod brought to you by Jun" and router log shows it detects a connection made... I but no matter what I put in for the NIC MAC address I can't get an IP address.


Should I try changing the product serial? Try a different bootloader?

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