Can I assign mac for TC boot, so ip stays the same when boot TC or RP?

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Can I change the mac in TC so if I boot to tiny core (to do updates like now), it spoof the mac, like rp does, so that box (with no monitor output) always gets the same ip?

I looked at grub.cfg, and it sets mac for loading rp usb and rp sata, but not for tc.  I tried to add mac1= but that doesnt work.

Just curious


menuentry 'Tiny Core Image Build' {
        set root=(hd0,msdos3)
        echo Loading Linux...
        linux /vmlinuz64 loglevel=3 cde waitusb=5 vga=791 netif_num=2 mac2=### mac1=###
        echo Loading initramfs...
        initrd /corepure64.gz
        echo Booting TinyCore for loader creation


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