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question about ESXi VHD's and XpE


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So i came here to ask a question about configuring it the right way.


this is my 2nd time setting up a VM for XPEnology, but this time i've done it a different way.

now i've used the “rmmod=ata_piix" in the startup options of the XPenology bootloader so the systemdrive isn't visible.


the previous time, that command wasn't used and i was able to mount the systemdrive ( and install programs to that drive).

I was able to select which Volume the program should reside on. I prefer this way, because my Datastore is a 250GB Samsung SSD.

Is this common practise? or should i leave it like i have it setup now?


I tried to remove the command, Volume0 became available to my XPE install, but to add the Volume to DSM it asks to format the drive. This is something you should not want, because that's the OS drive right?



First post here, excuse me for my language, English isn't my foreign language (it's dutch).

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ah ok.


but if you have a lot of "apps" installed (not that i have, currently 2 from the store) it would install onto the data-drives too?

the 250GB datastore where i can host a VHD is in my opinion a better choice, because this way the data-drives aren't used to install programs. Maximising data storage.

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