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Frequent Freezes


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Hi there !


I have a box which has been running XPEnology without any issues for one year and a half.

Over the weekend, as I was reaching max capacity, I bought a new 3 TB hard drive to add to my existing 2 * 2 TB SHR-1 (I already plan on upgrading all of them to 3 TB, thus why I went for 3 TB on the new one).

This happens with or without the new hard drive in the SHR group.


However, since the new hard drive has been installed, I am noticing frequent freezes on the installation.

I can't do anything on the web UI (any new window keeps loading until it's not "freezing" anymore, the current ones like the graphs are not updated anymore), any external app (like Plex) are un-responsive...

The easiest way to see this is that my graphs are stuck for the freeze duration, no datapoints, and then I get a straight line for the duration of the freeze.


This happens couple times in a 15 min time window, and every time it gets stuck during 30 secs up to 2-3 mins...


However, I still can SSH, and all commands I do there work (if I do a ping it keeps pinging, top working fine, only the load average which increases)...


Tranfer rates and IOPS for all disks / volumes seem fine...



- Is there any way to check what makes my load average increase ? (as reported by top, and no CPU / mem increase)

- Can this be caused by RAM issues ? I had to reseat / clean RAM ports after adding my hard drive, before the computer wouldn't boot again

- Can this be caused by a faulty USB key ? Where my DSM is installed.

- Can this be caused by a faulty hard drive (one of the old 2 TB that got faulty at the same time?) ? I can't really do a SMART as that freezing issue seems to kill the SMART diagnostic...


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