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So, just set up the new server at the new place, and ran into some problems...

The biggest being the following. I live in a student housing building, really similar to dorms except here we have separate flats. Now, all of these flats are connected to a central high-speed network, a research network for schools and research centers, etc., and the connection is solved on double stack. On IPv4 we got one address for the whole building (so no port forwarding on that), and an unlimited amount of IPv6, with completely open ports, etc.


Every flat has an assigned /64 address group, in a yyyy:yyyy:yyyy:xxxx:: format, where yyyy is the local address of the building exposed to the internet, and xxxx is the apartment number. It is all nice and good, I can access my router from the outside, etcetera, but Synology's built-in DDNS client does not seem to be able to assign an address to this separate stack. As otherwise the ports are closed, I cannot access anything from outside our own wireless, and it is quite frustrating.


Does anyone know if any of the supported DDNS options have IPv6 support? Not tunneled, this is pure IPv6 access without Teredo, or any other 6to4 crap.

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