Proxmox VM - Can't see all 12 drives being passed through

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I have a VM (DS918+ emulated) which has 12 drives passed through. As you can see below, I can't use the first six "slots" here. I am using a combo of the 6 allowed sata ports and 6 scsi ports but I can only ever get 4 of the drives to show up. How can I shift everything over so that I can see the two missing drives? 



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On 2/11/2022 at 5:59 AM, AndrewSpec said:

I have the same problem but with 4 disks where only 2 are available.


Both of Your sata port maps sound wrong try sataport map 44 (I have 4 disks so I know that works) . I don't know what it should be for 12 disks but you should pm IG88 or flyride and or look for sataportmap threads to see what values should be in a VM or baremetal. Tons of same question asked on this forum just gotta search.


Some info(one example): 


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