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Need help: Trouble with re-certified disk



Hello everyone. I am new user and my knowledge/understanding about Xpenology may be below average here, so please tolerate me if my understanding was wrong and correct me. 


I am using a 4 bays NAS with J1900 motherboard. I bought it from an unknown vendor in Vietnam - ahh this guy are good for just buying and selling only, he knows very little about Xpenology and was not willing to help me dealing with my trouble.


Here is the problem: The NAS is quite ok, i am using it to store data for LAN access only, and I'm fine with it. One day, one of the disk fails (WD Black), and I brought it to WD warranty center (WD's officially center in Vietnam) to claim warranty. After a few days, they gave me another disk - with label on the drive showing it is a recertified one. I plug this disk to my PC and format it to NTFS. The check result by HDD Crystal disk info and HDD Sentinel show this is a 100% good disk with no bad sector and no alert.


However when I plugged it to NAS, the NAS cannot recognized the new disk. No new drive appear on "Unused drive". I thought it was because the NAS need some time to realize a new disk was plugged in so i waited for about 4 hours, but nothing happen.


I remove it and plug into PC to check (HDD Crystal disk info / HDD Sentinel). Still good with no error or alert.


To double check, I plugged a newly-purchase WD disk to the NAS using the same process (plug in PC first, format NTFS, check with HDD Sentinel, then remove and plug in NAS) and everything were fine. The NAS found it, new disk appear in "Unused drive" and I could be able to build a new volume on there.


At that time I concluded the certified WD disk was the issue. So I contacted WD warranty center to ask, but they said because I can run it well on PC with no error (as the check result of HDD Crystal disk info / HDD Sentinel showed), it means the disk was ok so they couldn't give me another disk. I accept the fact and later I sell this recertified disk (WD Black) to another guy with cheap price.


Some day later, another disk in NAS fails. This time it is an Iron Wolf PRO disk. I brought it to Seagate's official warranty center in Vietnam to exchange a new disk, yes it is a recertified disk again. I also format it to NTFS by PC and check it with HDD Crystal disk info and HDD Sentinel. 100% good.


And I plugged it to NAS. What a coincidence, the NAS did not recognize it. Same exactly as what happened to my recertified WD Black disk in the past.


Now I'm pretty sure there may be something wrong here, but I cannot figure out what it was. 


Can anyone here please advise and help me?


Thank you,





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