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More than 1GB possible on QNAP 259 Pro+ & DSM Xpenoboot ?


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Can my QNAP ts 259 Pro+ run more than the stock 1gb stick , since it's booting with Xpenoboot 5.2-5644.5 ?


I'm referring to the idea of 32bit vs. 64bit memory addressing, and wondering if the QNAP supported-memory limitation has something to do with their software. I'm not an expert here, so they might be identical in this regard since both are a linux OS, but I wanted to ask for any feedback / experience with such upgrades before spending $$$ on sticks from eBay only to find that they're not supported.


If so, I'd like to know what the absolute max memory you might think is upgradable-to, since my ASROCK box runs like a champ with 12 gigs. No I'm not expecting any sticks that large for the QNAP, since it only has one slot, but 2 or possibly 4, would really give it a bump in memory headroom.


Thanks for any thoughts & memory-brand / specs you think are worth checking out!

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