encrypt (password protect)

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total noob and just want to know if its possible to protect offsite backups?


i live in DK and have a friend in the UK, we want to backup to each other but we should not be able to peek in to the data

ie he should not be able to see what i backup at his server and the other way round


is that possible without to much trouble?

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  • boelle changed the title to encrypt (password protect)


"I'm thinking that we should create a user on our NAS for each other, with a data quota, and that user only have access to a given folder. I suppose I will also encrypt the files on my NAS... and assuming that he does not have my encryption key, I do not think he will be able to read my files, although he is admin on his system. But I'm not entirely certain how to implement this, so any advice would be appreciated."

so yes it can be done, but this does not look like its automated like we want

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