No Hard Disk found on DS3615xs -HP ProLiant ML350p Gen8

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Hello all - I'm a complete NOOB, first off.


I recently was given an old server that was not working.  I spent weeks fixing the power unit and the board so that I could start the machine.  The previous owner was running Windows Server, unlicenced.  I want to put on Synology using Xpenology.


I have followed the various instructions and created the boot disk and got the to the point where I can view the Synology device with the site.  However, after answering the 2 questions I come to a screen that shows that Synology can not find any hard disks.  I have tried this with DS3615xs and DS3617xs.  I also tried with the DS918 however when I run this I cannot find the device using the find.synology site, therefore assume that the network device is not supported.  


The HPE has 2 Intel Xeon CPU E5-2609 0 @ 2.40GHz chips for a total of 8 cores.

The server has 3 Hard drives, in an array, each drive only 450GB in size.  


I attach a couple of screenshots from startup and of the Diskstation startup screen before instalation, and the error message.  I have subsequently unplugged the CDRom device as I read on a different thread that this could be an issue, however it did not solve the problem.  


If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the help.  


Thank you!

No hard disks.png



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