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new install but no fan speed mode showing?


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Hi, I installed thru xpenoboot about a month ago, onto a bare bones gigabyte B85N Phoenix build with intel G3258 cpu, 8 gb RAM, and Fractal Node 304 case, 3TB X 1, and 5TB X 3 HDD migrated from my own Synology 413j using DSM 3615xs.5592 pat. Wierdly, the migration failed numerous times with pat file corrupt message, I tried many different download packages but all failed...but eventually succeeded going thru Synology's own download of the 3615 pat. All good and subsequently upgraded one major update (thru xpenoboot) and most recent minor updates.

However, I can see the "Fan Speed Mode" under hardware setting, but it doesn't show any options, shows the drop down arrow, but if I click nothing shows up.

Also I have power schedule set to shut down at 1159, and start at 0600, but it restarts itself at 0000.

Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks and regards, superb effort to have my data on a well powered machine now, and appreciate the community for all the time spent on helping achieve this.


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