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VPN Question Need Input


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Hi Everybody,


Here's my situation.  I had Openvpn setup on my Asus RT AC500 running Merlin Firmware. I had  3 docker ips in  the  strict policy rules, Radarr, Sonarr,  NZBget. (Block traffic rule enabled if the VPN goes down) Had this setup  for the longest time. As of late every time  I enable the VPN it shuts the whole internet down.  I know  my cable company has been having some issues, it shouldn't be doing this all the time. 

Here's what I did,  I have Xpenology setup as a VM on my Unraid server so I enabled  the Openvpn in Xpenology, activated Cyberghost, added Sonarr and NZBget.  Seems to work, but the whole internet went down for about 8 minutes.  Not sure if it was my ISP or my setup,  Now my question is, if the VPN is in a VM should it not just shut down what's in the VM and not my whole internet? I know it's probably not the most idea setup but, it's the only one I know how to do at the moment.  I will say the VPN is faster running from the VM then the router. For some reason I could only get 7mbps, now I get 10.  I think a lot of it has to do with my ISP. Any ideas or suggestions is much appreciated. I do have 360 mbps  down and 30 up for internet.


Thank you!

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