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New user, access problem

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Hi Thanks for the great work.

Yesterday I run XPEnoboot 5.2, on Hyper-v with my PC using windows 8.1, i5-2400.

For the first time I ran synology assistant, on the same machine, it could recognise the virtual NAS and DSM was not yet installed.

Then I installed but the process finished with a failure. The installation suggested fixed IP However, this IP was reported as being already used. Then I tried DHCP, but the installation of DSM came to a failure.

Then I tried with another PC on the same network, and it successfully recognised the NAS. The DSM continued to run and this time it suggested DHCP. Everything OK up to this point. The NAS could function.


However, when I went back to the PC hosting the NAS in hyper-v, the synology assistant could never locate the NAS.

On other PC, the NAS was still available.


Can anyone help me?

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