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HP Gen8 Microserver Trigger Device Plug Event with SSD Cache

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hi there!

I successfully got 5.1 installed but am finding myself setting my RAID array in order to get back into Synology after the Trigger Device Plug Event. I can repeat the issue by enabling SSD Cache so clearly there is an incompatibility somewhere (and have seen reference to it in these forums). I have found that by going into the HP Array Config I can erase all arrays and then Xpenology will boot successfully.


If I hit this error again, I am concerned about losing or needing to rebuild my data - how can I avoid this?

Also, I have turned off auto updates - I take it that is correct?


I am booting from XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.3.img on a microSD card - could someone explain what is going on when I get that error message and Syn Assistant cannot then see the server?


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