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HP Microserver Gen 8 Questions


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Hi all,


This is a great forum!


Im thinking of buying a HP Microserver Gen 8 and installing XPEnology on it.

But i have some questions:


1. What are the maximum number of physical hard drives i can install

2. If to start off with i use four 3tb drives and one 300Gb (2.5 inch boot drive) and use SHR how much usuable storage will i have?

3. Is the server quick enough to stream 1080p (max 2 clients at any one time)


Many thanks



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1. There are four 3.5" bays and one spot for an optical or 2.5" drive


2. You use USB as a boot drive


3. Depends, direct play your only limited by the throughput of your network, transcoding it will do 1 x 1080p stream, two would be pushing it.

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Thatnks for the reply.


What about schoondoggy's hard drive kit? Does it work? Is it worth installing this kit?


So any ideas then about the usable free space if i have 2tb 2.5 drive and four 3tb drives using synology hybrid raid?


Lastly is it worth buying WD Red's NAS HDD's or will normals HD's suffice?



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1. Never tried one, but pictures say yes. As for worth it, that depends on how many drives you want.


2. Dunno, I prefer RAID-5


3. Red's are most definitely a better option, but desktop drives will do the job, that's what I have in mine.

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