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Thinclient T5720 wont install


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I have a thin client hp t5720

I can boot and nanoboot starts but hangs after the nanoboot x86 shows on the screen.

Does anybody got it to work with this client?

And if so how did you got it to install it?

Thanks in advance

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I have a T5740 where I can get to the prompt with nanoboot, but it doesn't show on the assistant.

Looking at the log it looks like it got an IP address that is not in my network (i.e. clearly not from my DHCP server).


I have no clue about the needed OS password so I can't move ahead troubleshooting.

I wonder if the installed 2GB disk on module might be a source of problems.

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Well, it is not about the DOM: even without it nanoboot doesn't start succesfully.

I'll have to either use the box for nas4free (I tested already that it works fine) or for Sophos UTM using the expansion sidecar for the needed network cards (if I can get it to work).

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