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ASRockJ3160DC-ITX What to install?


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Hi, im having problems with my nas. I Used to have running configuration for about 3 years, but some time ago something went wrong during an update and since then the device is down. Recently I tried to bring it back to life. I have tried with 1.04b loader and 918+ 6.2.3 image, but it didn't work. I searched trough the forum and found that someone confirmed it works wwith drivfers extension and replaced kernel and 6.2.2 image version.. I followed this information but the result is the same, im getting stuck during migration process with error 13. Checked the PID and VID multiple times, mac adres , serial numer also tried with multiple usb drives. No success.

So my qestion is, what loader should i use and what image for my configuration? Which combination will make me possible to run the newest DSM?

Thanks for any help!

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