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I have setup a xpenology nas with version nanoboot_xpenology_5.0-4482_bootloader_X64.

I ran stable for 6 months, but sinds a few days the nas stops working at once a day.

Is there a way to find the reasons why it blocked? i checked the logs but nothing helpfull.

Is it safe to perform the update to dsm 5.1 5022?



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Many have upgraded and are running again.

Your best bet is to read the threads and determine what's best for you.


Without exact information on your setup you can't reliably expect a definite yes or no that will apply to you.

Is yours bare metal or a VM? what hardware are you using?


You said yours stops working, but didn't specify what that means?

does it hard lock? Is it just the network connection that seems to stop working?

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