Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) machines will NOT boot from an image (HDD)

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Hi, I have a successful and working install of DSM 6.2.3 (DS3615) using Jun's 1.03b


Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) machines will NOT boot from an image (HDD) but will always boot from a CD image?


VMM install went perfectly, all appears to be fine, all systems showing as functional.


Test install of Win7 works flawlessly, but will not boot from the installed image (just hangs on Booting from hardisk.. message) (both under legacy BIOS and UFI).

Transferred working image copied from the original ProxMox config (both in 2cow and vdi format) will not boot from transferred image.

Imported an OVA from VirtualBox, likewise import goes without issue but will not boot from image.


Seems odd when this was a long term working Proxmox machine.


Any ideas or things to check would be appreciated?


Thanks again, Mark.

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