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Xpenology performance issues


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Most of the time i have good perfomance over the lan (50-70mb/s) while copying.

But sinds a few weeks , the performance drops to max 3mb/s.

When i do a cleaning of data on the volumes ,generaly the performance goes back to normal.

Perfermance monitor, cpu and ram never go above 40%

Is it possible the xpenology system doesn't uses more then 2gb ram?

I always have 1,5gb cache ram? what does mean?

Can it be that bittorrent sync has a lot load on the system?

Can an expansion with a ssd improve performance?

Can an expansion of 4gb extra ram improve performance?

Is it a good idea to upgade the systemversion? now dsm 5.0-4482


Thankz for the help.


My specs:

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 mobo

2x2gb ram

intel core 2 quad Q9550

volume1 = 3x700gb samsung drives

volume2 = 4x4tb seagate nas drives

boot form dvd nanoboot

version 5.0-4482

installed software bit torrent sync /sabnzb/sickbeard/plex server/ vpn server / audio station / download station / music station / autosub

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