HDD Health Info history wont load

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Hello everyone,


I have just upgraded my low cost xpeno to 6.2.2 24922 Update 6 with juns 1.03b. 3615xs

The hardware is a supermicro X7SPA-H board with 4 GB ram. 6*2TB  in Raid 6.


One of my disk starts to show bad sectors so i check its health in storage manager. On health info if i click on history it never loads. Constantly loadning and i cant close it. I can open other app but cant load its history. All disks have this same problem. What could cause the problem? I ran extended smart once in a month, the system is running more than a year. Upgraded from juns 1.02b, 6.1.7 u3 to the current version about a week ago.

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