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Gnoboot and Updating to the latest Synology


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I'm currently running Gnoboot with a DSM pat directly from Synology. The version is DSM 5.0-4458 Update 2 which I gather is a bit old, but understand to be the latest Gnoboot can run.


0) Does the "volume unmount" issue still exist in Gnoboot?

1) Is Nanoboot the only way to use any version of DSM later than the one I'm using?

2) Does Nanoboot still use patching on the fly to get past the issue? Does it still use unmodified pat files to set up otherwise?

3) Is there a current tutorial or set of instructions to migrate from Gno to Nano in order for me to get these later updates?

4) Should I even bother?


Apologies for what are obvious questions, but not only have I searched but I also generally check the forum every day and I'm still not sure what the answers are :smile:.

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