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Hi, I apologize in advance for my question and my English. I own the DS713 + but I am no longer satisfied with the performance. That's why I have been trying to install XPENOLOGY on my computer on VirtualBox for 2 weeks to test it. I only managed DSM 6.1 on DS3615xs. Now I am trying to install DSM 6.2 and after starting the virtual PC, the basic load will be started, where I will find Synology through the assistant. After selecting the installation and upload, the network is no longer connected and the HDD indicator glows green and red, working here.
I use version 1.03b downloaded here https://mega.nz/#F!yQpw0YTI!DQqIzUCG2RbBtQ6YieScWg!TM4QVAob converted to VDI format. I didn't edit the MAC address and serial number in grub, so there is MAC 0011322CA785 and I have the same in the VirtualBox settings in the network card. I downloaded the pat file DSM / release / 6.2 / 23739 and tried the latest and even online downloads and the result was always the same. The HDD works but the network does not. Thank you for any advice and help.


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