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[SOLVED] Configuration lost please help...... DSM 4.3 HP40l


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Hi all,


I've been running xpenology 4.3 3810(i think) for about 5 months and it's been perfect for what I need... I've been streaming films from Plex, storing photos/videos from holidays/family stuff, Recording CCTV, using it as an iSCSI target for my vSphere cluster...


I've been literally a click away from ordering a genuine Synology for a couple of weeks based on my xpenology experience... and the little voice in the back of my head telling me its not a genuine box, it may fail, you may loss all your data...


Anyway, today I decided to upgrade one of my vSphere hosts and re-cable everything. This meant powering off the Xpenology server, which I did. Once I'd finished the cabling I powered it back on to find I couldn't contact any of the IP addresses assigned to the box... after messing around for about 2 hours I finally decided to plug a monitor in... I tried to log into the console but it wouldn't accept the password... I tried every password I could think of, and none of them worked.


At this point I couldn't think else to do so I hard powered it off and powered it on again... This time by scrolling back up the console window I noticed the interfaces where all set to DHCP and one was assigned an address from my router. The others were assign apipa addresses.


This is when I found myself looking at the Synology Assistant page which a status of 'Configuration lost'... :sad: I feel a little bit sick thinking about it... I've got about 2TB of data I REALLY REALLY don't want to lose. Typically over the last couple of days I've been looking at cloud backup options as well... bit late now...


I don't want to go any further just in case I make it worse if possible...



HP Microserver n40l


16GB usb pen - (OS installed)

6 x 1TB SATA

1 x single port nic

1 x dual port nic



Xpenology DSM 4.3 3810



So my question to the experts out there is it recoverable???



Thanks for reading



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For anyone else that experiences this, all may not be lost...


In my case there was no need to completely panic. I done some searching on the Synology forums and came across a few posts where people had the same issue as me.


The term configuration lost from what I can tell literately means the 'Configuration is lost' not the data. Based on what I had read on the Synology community forums I re-installed the DSM using the original PAT file I used using the Synology Assistant. During the install the 'Formatting Data Partition' was greyed out and skipped :smile:


So now the box is back up but there is no configuration at all... all my configured apps are gone... but the most important thing is my Data is there :smile:


I don't know how the underlying software raid works but when I saw the configuration lost message I expected the raid to be knackered... I'm using SHR if it makes any difference.


Anyway I'm a very happy man now :smile:


Now it's time I add some sort of backup solution :lol::lol::lol:


Hope this helps someone



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