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DL380 G9 - All flash


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Hey all,


Thinking of trying out Xpenology on my DL380G9 server


basic specs -

2x Xeon 2640's and 256GB RAM

P440ar for RAID1 local boot and P840 RAID controller in HBA mode (no raid features) for 16xSSD capacity.

onboard 4x 1Gbps HP 331i Adapter and a dual port 10Gbps 2-port 560FLR-SFP+ Adapter (probably not to be used)


I really liked my old QNAP and its functionality as well as the native ability to cut up my storage in a simple and intuitive ways so I was hoping to create a super powered Synology-"like" situation. I have two of these servers and one is just plain old ESXi with local RAID groups. I find I need smarter storage over the VM capabilities of ESXi... i've tried FreeNAS but it's BSD based and A) doesn't like my HPe NIC's and B) is a bit wonky with the RAID controllers in HBA mode.


Does anyone know if this is a supportable config or will I be playing catch-up/repair after every release? I've heard that lots of folks are using HPe micro-servers for this but wasn't sure how it fared on the bigger brothers. Just curious really... If no one else has tried I may give it a go and report back.




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