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Which release to use for a stable server?


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Unfortunately I've been 'out of the scene' for a period of time, during which my N54L has been powered down, and stuck in limbo.

As I never quite got it setup correctly I am more than happy to pull my (limited) existing user data off of it, and start again, but my query is... where to start?


With the heartbleed issue, the various updates from syno, which either stop systems working, or cause other issues, I'm now at a loss as to where, what and how I should start again.


Can anyone give me some pointers please?


TIA :smile:

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I think this depends on whether you want the most stable scene set up vs the latest DSM from Synology. My take (which comes with no warranty):


1) Trantor - Xpenology, so custom and based on a relatively older version of Synology, but rock solid and well supported.

2) Gnoboot - enables installing of an original unmodified DSM5, but not quite the latest.

3) nanoboot - allows installing of the latest DSM5, but via a method some might find not entirely pure.


If you don't need bells and whistles and you're only within a LAN, then Trantor may suit. If you are exposed on the internet and need DSM 5 and don't mind the live patching that nanoboot implements then nanoboot might be the best bet.

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Many thanks Spammy.

I don't NEED to be able to access my DSM via the internet, but it would be nice to be able to, whether for sharing links, streaming media when I am away etc, so I presume that nanoboot is the path I should probably take then?

I think the safest bet will be for me to start 'fresh', is there a handy link to the nanoboot installation instructions? (If not I shall go trawling through the threads :smile: )


Thanks :smile:

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