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Full tutorial: Synology NAS Dsm 5 on Server HP N54L


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I posted a very complete tutorial where all steps are fully detailed:

- Presentation of HP server N54L

- Changing the server hardware (adding 16GB of RAM)

- Patch bios

- Installation of ESXi 5.5 on USB key

- Installing VMware Sphere Client 5.5

- Creation of the virtual machine with DiskStation Nanoboot on original disk 250GB

- Mount data disks in RDM

- Installation of DSM 5-4482


You can find this tutorial here:



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Good reading. :wink:

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Hi, Great guide.


I am in a bit of a conundrum..


I installed Xpenology via a USB and set up my 4x 4TB drives. What i now wish i had done was set up ESXi.. So is there any easy way to move to ESXi from a baremetal install?




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