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How to perform a clean re-install


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I'd like to make a clean install of 4482 with nanoboot, without losing data. For some reason I can't install 4482 (it always returns an error), I assume something went wrong earlier.

Having to re-configure everything is not a problem, but I don't want to lose data.


How can I approach this (safely) ?


I assume Synology assistant needs to be tricked in believing there's nothing installed yet, and then have it remove and overwrite previous system and configuration files ?


PS: additional explanation. I upgraded to 4482 using nanoboot, coming from Trantor, then GNOboot and ultimately nanoboot. For some reason, my station is not working how it should (can't copy files). Yet, nanoboot seems to work for many people, those people having issues could perform a clean install and afterwards had no more issues. I'd like to know how...


Many thanks ! :grin:

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There is no safe way to doing it.


The safest way is to backup all your data to other disks out of your array (impossible for me as i have 16TB).


So Safest way is to backup. If you cant back up then dont upgrade, if you have to upgrade, chew the pillow for a bit while you perform the upgrade!

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