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First time builder of XPE


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Hello i used this install method http://www.xpenology.nl/vmware-installatie/#comment-18 everything is up and going on the VM, i used my only datastore drive to allocate 8gbs as the install mentions,


When i go to process Manual Installation Standard DSM '. i Follow the instructions all the way up to i click next i will be formatting disks 1,3 does this mean its going to only format the 8gs i allocated or the whole Datastore this VM is attached to? Thanks.


My datastore is 1 SSD 240GB samsung with 8 VM's already on it.


I want to be able to use xpenology-vmare and create an array of drives that i will add to it 1 at a time, my biggest question right now is since i installed XPE on my only dataastore right now should i install it on a new HD or is it ok that i install the VM on my Datastor and then just add the HDs as i build my array?


Thanks again

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