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Need help to install DSM on thecus n7700


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Hi all,



I have currently 2x NAS, 1x DMS411slim and 1x Thecus N7700.


I am really satisfied with the DMS411slim and especially with the DSM5.0, i would like to hack my Thecus to install DSM5.0


I am really struggling to collect all information...


Is there anybody who can help me with a tuto?


What i know is: Thecus save the firmware into a flash module and DSM not, it is the HD itself.

I can remove the flash module, remove the HDs and install a new HD for testing the procedure.


Then i have to boot from a USB with a thumb drive ? but what XPEnology should i use? and how to prepare the USB thumb drive.

Then can it be possible to upgrade the DSM to current 5.xxx version and how to do it?


Well, another possibility would to install linux (a light version and to install DSM after, ???)


Every good suggestions and comment are welcomed!





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