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General update question


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Hi all,

And thanks for all the work you guys put in this project !


What I understand of the xpenology booting system is this :

1/ the system boots on a specificly designed linux kernel which mimics the synology default setup.

2/ from there, the system loads the synology system and it's services from the HDD


My question,


Once a system is working, say a 5.0beta trantor version, does the update gui of synology works ? or does it need a

updated xpenology booting system ?



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As I understand it there are two levels of update Major and Minor. The major updates have a system wide effect.


To apply a major update you need to use one of the Xpenology builds if their is an equivalent, as Xpenology will lag behind.


The minor updates can be applied using the Synology's DSM update utility i.e. 4.3-3827 update x where update x is the minor patch.


I'm not sure that you can take it for granted that the updates will always be accessible, or that at some point a minor patch wont cause an issue, because the hardware isn't standard and Synology may take steps to prevent other systems accessing their service.

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