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I would like to build a NAS. I did before with OMV.

I'm.figuring out what is the best in this, I have 2 2.5 inch wd Red in my OMV now.

I am using the Nas really sometimes, for backup of my laptop once a week and for 2 or 3 times streaming a movie.

Therefore I would like to use a power saving advantage, what is recommended in xpnology?

And is it OK to use 3 the same desktop disks, WD blue ones? Or better to buy a few cheap SSD 500gb disks?

Or is is better to re-use the wd reds? The OMV is not set for powersaving right now. I thought it's because of the red drives are better for 24/7 spinning.

I also have a 128 and 256 GB SSD disks, can I use them separately instead of being part of the raid set of the metal disks?

Or better use one of them as caching disk?


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