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How to hibernate system of gnoboot DSM5.0 4458?


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Yesterday, i installed DSM5.0 4458 with usb memory

Now my syetem didn't hibernate.


1) real mac address : ok

2) WOL (modifed synoinfo): ok

3) added script (/roor/user/syno/etc/rc.d/Remove_sd.sh)


echo 1 > /sys/block/sdu/device/delete


but system still display icon-pluged in usb

I think that it is possible, if solve problem about icon-pluged in usb1 like 4.2 build.

and i readed discussion contents that it is possible to be hibernate DSM5.0 4458 without patch USB plug-in

is it possible?


Help me, have a headache because of my ignorance.


Have a nice day!! :lol:

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