N40L working for ages, suddenly dies!

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So I have an old HP Microserver N40L which has been happily running various versions of XPenology for ages - well over a year. A couple of weeks ago, I successfully upgraded it to 6.2 using Jun's 1.03 boot loader on an old 2GByte USB stick.The N40L is configured with an iSCSI LUN and I use it to backup another server, last night I left it running, backing up some data and when I checked this morning the backup had failed, claiming that the target volume was missing - sure enough the iSCSI initiator was disconnected and I couldn't get it to reconnect.I could log into the DSM web interface, there was an entry in the error log claiming that the LAN connection had dropped and later reconnected - it also said that there was nothing wrong with the iSCSI LAN. 


I rebooted (cleanly) the NAS and nothing, it never came back up - power cycled it, nothing. I've connected a keyboard and monitor to see the startup, after the self test and the bios started, it just showed a blank page with a flashing cursor, so I thought either it has lost its boot settings on the USB stick has gone bad. I've checked the bios and downloaded a fresh copy of Jun's 1.03 loader, edited the PID etc. settings and burnt the image to another USB stick.


This time on boot I see the Grub loader screen come up, I get the message about this screen will stop updating soon but nothing after that - also there is no disk activity or at least the indicator light doesn't come on at all. Naturally I can't see the device on the network. I managed to find an old USB loader with the 1.02 image on it and just to see what would happen I tried to boot from that. This time I get the 'this screen will stop updating soon' message but below that I get the booting kernel message as well which I don't have with (two) different downloads of 1.03.


Odd or what?


So I'd be grateful if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for me to try to diagnose what is going on here or even a definitive link to a known working copy of Jun's 1.03 boot loader just in case there is something odd with the download location I've been using.


As I said the only thing on it are backup files which I'd be loath to loose but it wouldn't be the end of the world - I'd just like to get the thing operational again.


Many thanks in advance

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i gues that your USB stick died


in 1.03 loader end message is changed and stops with find synology.com

in 1.02 it was booting kernel message


so thats normal


did you try to reinstall ? you mentioned that n40L is old so its only usb stick or something more baked 

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