QNAP VIOSTOR not auto-booting

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I've got an oddity with one setup right now.  I recently converted on old qnap 4 bay VS4116U unit and everything went great.  I have absolutely no issues running 6.1.x on it.


I went to help a friend who has a slightly different viostor unit go through the same process, and we got everything working with it as well, *except* for one thing. 


It won't ever automatically go through the Grub boot menu.  If we have a keyboard and mouse hooked in, we can simply hit enter on the grub screen and it continues loading and everything works.  However with or without the keyboard and mouse if you don't hit enter it just sits at that Grub loader screen forever.  I've verified that all I changed from the original grub.cfg file is the mac, vid, pid and serial#,  I've tried changing the timeout to something other than 1, and nothing seems to make a difference.  RIght now it's mostly just an annoyance as anytime we need to reboot we have to hit the enter key, but he'd eventually like to run the box headless. 

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