Thanks, I now seem to have HA!!

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I was just introduced to the project today and it looks like I have managed HA.


It is just a proof of concept with two old HP N40L that I have stuck a 10GB card in each of.


Looks OK to me though so thanks to all who make this possible.




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Are you running two physical machines via bare metal installs?



I'm thinking of trying to accomplish an HA setup via two virtual machines, just not sure how the heartbeat connection would work. Ideally, they wouldn't be running on the same physical hardware... defeats the purpose kinda. But probably two different VM's on two different computers. 


Right now I have one Xpenology set up in a VM on my R7 1700X desktop machine. It's bridged to my local machines network adapter.


I'm just trying to wrap my head around establishing a heartbeat connection in a virtual setup like this.

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