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Ubuntu In Wmm



Hello, I just installed a fresh Xpenology ds 916+, because of the compatibility with the new generation of the intel processors. I have an g4600 processor with 8 gb memory. The installation went smooth and also the update to the newest release DSM 6.1.6-15266.  I want to install a ubuntu server on the virtual machine manager but i get some strange errors. I have another xpenology with a core 2duo precessor 4 gb of ram, with the same release but on DSM_DS3617xs_15217, where I have installed 2 version of ubuntu 17 serevr and 16.04 desktop edition, working wery well . When I try to install ubuntu, and I select the install ubuntu with a combination of 2 cores and 2 gb of ram I get an error from the picture,  on 4 cores the screen does not move after install and 1 core another error.  Please help me, because I do now know what tot do first.. I try also to change on the dsm  DSM_DS3617xs_15217, but I get the same errors.

1 core 4 GB RAM.JPG

2 cores 2 GB RAM.JPG

4 cores 2 GB RAM.JPG

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