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  1. realtek

    [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Just done a clean install and things seem OK now. I'm a little concerned about why my storage drive disappeared (that's what caused all my apps and stuff to disappear). The drive was visible in DSM but there were no mounted volumes and it wanted to format the disk to create them... Yes, I had the same problem! Everything was working fine... I shutdown DSM, booted it back up and suddenly everything had gone. All my apps wanted repairing and stuff... The only thing I can thing of is DSM perhaps automatically updated or something. I am going to try reproducing this again. Otherwise I will be certainly concerned if this was to happen again!
  2. realtek

    [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    Right.. i've sorted it. The SCSI controller seems to always change to LSI Logic when the HDD is removed and re-added... I think the documentation needs updating to reflect this.
  3. realtek

    [SOLVED] Install on vmware ESXI

    I have followed this guide step by step (a LOT of times)... and I can connect to the web page but I get the following error: No Hard Disk Found on DS3612xs. The second disk is added as SCSI:0:0 and also tried adding a few more... no luck. Has anyone else had this? I am running on ESXi 5.1 - Update 1. Thanks